Internal Investigations

When the time arrives that your company requires an internal investigation, it is important to have the right partner to guide you through the many aspects of the investigation.

No matter what the focus of the investigation is, Chesley Brown has the expertise to navigate the complexities of these investigations.

Protect Your Reputation

It is no small matter when an employee is alleged to be in violation of company policy. Internal threats can be as damaging as external threats. These threats can take on many different forms, including corporate misconduct, accounting fraud, theft of company property, theft or manipulation of data and/or intellectual property, employee dishonesty, forgery, embezzlement, threats, or sexual harassment and other types of inappropriate behavior or communication.


Any successful internal investigation must discover the truth without harming innocent employees or unnecessarily damaging anyone’s reputation. Our investigators have the skills and sensitivity required to plan and execute the investigation, and then to analyze the findings to bring your internal investigation to a successful resolution.

Additional Security Consulting Capabilities

Clients that rely on Chesley Brown Security Consulting and Management services often request additional services including:

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