Unarmed Security Officers

Chesley Brown's unarmed security officers are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our fully vetted officers are professional, responsive, and reliable regardless of the situation.

Chesley Brown Unarmed Security Officer Patrolling Shopping District

We will work with you to determine the appropriate level of protection, the desired look for your property, and then hand-select the finest candidates through our rigorous screening process.

Oftentimes, the most effective deterrent to criminal activity is simply the presence of a uniformed officer. Chesley Brown® officers are professional, courteous, helpful, and visible. Our officers must pass a background investigation and demonstrate sound judgement as part of the pre-employment screening process. Our unarmed officers meet all state and local licensing and certification requirements. They must be of sound character, demonstrate good judgement, and present a neat and professional appearance at all times.

We hold our security officers to the highest standards in the industry. We provide in-depth training to all our employees from officers in the field all the way up to leadership. Additionally, Chesley Brown officers, many of whom have a law enforcement background, are fully versed in de-escalation tactics, including how to take a non-violent approach using verbal skills to handle violent or potential violent situations before they're ever sent into the field.

An officer's duties on behalf of clients typically include:

• Safe-guarding the personnel, guests, visitors, and property
• Conducting roving and stationary tours
• Communicating with and providing assistance to the public
• Working with local law enforcement agencies
• Preparing reports and daily logs
• Rendering assistance as necessary

Additional Security Consulting Capabilities

Clients that rely on Chesley Brown Security Consulting and Management services often request additional services including:

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