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Chesley Brown will help you produce a custom plan that enables your business to prioritize, estimate and implement risk mitigation measures that can be quickly scaled if your needs change.


The best security solutions begin with a master plan — a vision of the security department, its roles and responsibilities, and how it fits into the organization overall. A property’s security posture can have a major impact on its value by demonstrating a safe and secure working, shopping and/or living environment. Identifying liability issues that may arise in the future ensures the continuity of your business, as well as the safety of your employees and customers. After 3 decades in the security industry we have found that security is most effective when you can look at the organization as a whole. 

Accordingly, we address all aspects of security planning in order to provide each and every client constructive, positive recommendations for reducing the company’s risk exposure with a security master plan that serves as a coordinated and cohesive security solution for the entire organization.

While built on industry standards and best practices, our master security plans are fully-customized for your unique needs. In our experience, the most effective plans will incorporate responsibilities not only for preventing, detecting, investigating, and responding to incidents, but also for ongoing monitoring and updating of the plan itself.

Effective and Adaptable Security Risk Management

Our approach to creating a security master plan starts with an assessment of the current risk environment. We will identify any high-risk areas in your organization based on the severity of impact and likelihood it will occur. This process can include both interviewing a variety of personnel as well as examining technical resources such as electronic security systems. Our goal is to ultimately produce a plan that will enable you to prioritize, estimate the cost, and implement risk mitigation measures that can be adapted if your needs change. The four major components for developing a security master plan typically include:

  1. Asset Definition to establish priorities for the security master plan. It is not realistic to assume that every asset can be or should be protected against every possible threat. Assets will be identified on how critical each is to the organization.
  2. Threat Assessment that includes the identification and analysis of potential threats against your organization. Events are typically categorized as criminalnatural, or accidental.
  3. Vulnerability Analysis where we correlate assets and threats and define the method or methods for compromise. We will analyze the existing security program to identify any physical, operational, and procedural weaknesses that may exist and identify potential countermeasures that could be implemented to minimize the probability of an event. The primary goal of this analysis is to develop a profile that defines overall threats that may affect your organization. A profile is developed that would categorize threats as highly probable, possible, or unlikely.
  4. Security Measures are selected for implementation. The selection process is intended to channel resources to protect the most vital assets against the most probable threats.

Is Your Organization Prepared For Physical Security Risks?

Managing threats like terrorism, natural disasters, corporate espionage, and theft in an increasingly globalized marketplace have become more complex than ever. Because facility and company security must be addressed on a variety of levels, the most effective approach generally requires the kind of nuanced analysis only Chesley Brown can provide.

Because of our global network of assets, and our broad depth of experience, Chesley Brown is the only security company fully equipped to identify and prevent potential threats, customize action plans around your organization, recommend appropriate security measures, and implement and oversee those solutions. We're focused on security, so you can focus on your business.

Additional Security Consulting Capabilities

Clients that rely on Chesley Brown Security Consulting and Management services often request additional services including:

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