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IN ADDITION to being the industry's leading provider of security management and consulting services for organizations around the world, Chesley Brown embraces a culture of diversity and recognizes the value in differing vantage points. We believe real security is about more than just placing guards on post and hoping for the best. Total security requires a culture of forward thinking and innovation. It's having the courage to challenge the status quo. That is why we are committed to recognizing and supporting those who share our mission to be a force for positive change in the communities we serve.

For more than 3 decades, Chesley Brown® has worked on projects in more than thirty (30) states and three (3) countries. Our foundation of security consulting and auditing includes projects that are unique and complex, ranging from Class A office buildings, major league sporting complexes, Corporate Headquarters, mixed-use developments, residential complexes, museums, not-for-profit foundations, and religious and educational institutions. Because of this background, we have the capability to provide a comprehensive and dynamic security assessment that meets the specific needs of your diverse facility.

Georgia State Public Safety Award
Freedom Award for support of employees who serve in the National Guard and Military Reserves
Department of Homeland Security Safety Act Certified
Georgia Trend Magazine Community Service Award

Our mission: To protect, inform, and inspire those around us through unparalleled security services.

Once the decision was made to renovate the entire property's electric security system, Chesley Brown began developing specifications and identifying prospective bidders. After this was accomplished, Chesley Brown was with us to manage the bid process, award the bid and oversee the installation of the new system.

General Manager

Office Complex, Georgia

Our unique property required a firm that could customize a security management program that addressed our property's individuality. Chesley Brown was the only firm that had the flexibility and experience to make it happen.

General Manager

Regional Shopping City, Missouri

A Legacy 500 Years in the Making

Chesley Brown traces its roots to 1500s when ancestors of Brent Brown, William Garrard and John Garrard, became among the first “High Sheriffs” of London. They were each later made the Lord Mayor of London (1555 and 1601). When Chesley Brown was founded in the early 1990s by CEO Brent Brown, it was with this legacy in mind. Throughout its rich history, Chesley Brown has developed a reputation as a true leader in the security industry, even pioneering the modern approach to security management. Our commitment to our clients has allowed us to remain the industry leader in developing innovative security and management solutions for national and international organizations.

With employees and clients in 29 states and 3 countries, Chesley Brown has the resources and experience to provide reliable and scalable protection for clients and their assets worldwide.

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Our Promise:

  1. To listen and effectively respond to the people and communities we serve.
  2. Strive to hold ourselves and each other accountable.
  3. Demonstrate integrity, dignity and empathy in everything we do.
  4. Provide a positive and respectful experience at all levels.
Chesley Brown Companies Company Logo.

Crest and Flag

In the 14th Century, the practice of embroidering the Family Crest on the surcoat worn over the coat of mail gave rise to the term “Coat of Arms”. The Chesley Brown Coat of Arms is original to Chesley Brown. It is based on the Garrard Family Crest because of family heritage and inspiration of quality and education. The fleur de lis comes from the Brown Family Crest. The name Chesley is a family name of old English Origin.

Founders Flag
Founder's Flag
CEO Flag
CEO's Flag
Vice Presidents Flag
Vice President's Flag

Flag Protocol

  • A Chesley Brown flag can only be presented to a project location by a vice president or above.
  • The Chesley Brown flag belonging to a vice president or above has a gold fringe along its border.
  • The Chesley Brown flag belonging to the CEO has gold fringe along its border and two gold cords attached to the top of the pole.
  • The Chesley Brown Founder’s flag is white with gold fringe and two gold cords attached to the top of the pole. It displays the complete formal coat of arms and may only be used by the Founder of Chesley Brown.
  • Extended visits of a vice president or above deems displaying his/her flag.
  • Award streamers earned by project locations are to be attached to the top of their flagpole.
  • Each RMD, RVP, VP, SRVP or above, responsible for these programs, displays all the streamers on his/her flag.
  • At no time does a Chesley Brown flag take precedence over the flag of the United States. Strict reverence to the American flag is always shown.



Brent C. Brown CPP

Chairman and CEO

Brent C. Brown has an extensive background in law enforcement and security. He was a police officer in the metropolitan Atlanta area holding positions with duties ranging from uniform patrol to “Acting Chief”. He also established a security consulting business handling security-related concerns for retail, office complexes, warehouses, and hotels. In 1990, he entered the private security industry with the formation of Chesley Brown Associates, Inc., handling numerous high-profile security projects across the country. He served as a security expert for both local and international media regarding the Olympic Park bombing during the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Due to his expertise with terrorist incidents and security concerns, he is frequently called upon to speak at Civic Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Security Schools, and other large business organizations.




Kim Meador

Executive VP & COO

Josh Noland

Vice President – Western

Max Briggs

Vice President – Central

Bryan Taylor

Vice President – Eastern

Archie Dinwiddie

Corporate Director of Risk Mgt., Training & Compliance

Nick Freeman

Corporate Director of Digital Strategy

Candice Cade

Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Sheron Sikorski

Corporate Controller

Steve Goins

Managing Director - Portfolio

Dell Spry

Managing Director

Heaven Jordan

Human Resources Recruiting Manager

Ed Gallerin

Senior Consultant