Corporate Investigations

There comes a time in which every company requires some type of investigation or business intelligence. When that time comes, it requires a valued partner to guide you through the many areas and specialties required to execute such operations.

Chesley Brown Officer Investigates Criminal Activity Using a Computer

The Difference is in The Details

Whether it be an internal investigation involving employees, thefts, forgery, embezzlement, computer forensics or forensic accounting, it’s crucial that you have the right experts deployed. Corporate investigations can start with a simple inquiry and turn into something much more in-depth and complicated. Chesley Brown has the capabilities and expertise to handle a wide variety of investigations wherever they lead. 

Gone are the days of calling someone with a general PI license to address your concerns. Today’s corporate investigations are far more sophisticated and require subject matter expertise. This requires the ability of a firm that has the network and intelligence to provide a client with not only information, but also experience to manage and guide clients through the best way of handling the situation.

With over 30 years of expertise, Chesley Brown can:

  • Serve as your single source to meet a wide range of Security Management needs
  • Provide you access to our industry-leading experts
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities for your organization

Our investigators work hand in glove with our consulting division to assure the proper execution and outcome.

Why Clients Choose Chesley Brown

Once the decision was made to renovate the entire property's electric security system, Chesley Brown began developing specifications and identifying prospective bidders. After this was accomplished, they were with us to manage the bid process, award the bid and oversee the installation of the new system.

General Manager

Office Complex, Georgia

Our unique property required a firm that could customize a security management program that addressed our property's individuality. Chesley Brown was the only firm that had the flexibility and experience to make it happen.

General Manager

Regional Shopping City, Missouri

Chesley Brown is an industry leader in providing Security Risk Management and security consulting services. Importantly, only Chesley Brown has the capabilities to offer:

A Single Point of Contact – we make your job easier via streamlined coordination and reporting
Our Global Resources – allowing us to provide consistently reliable security management services at any or all of your locations around the world
Agility – our range of service options allows us to act quickly and decisively to address any issues or threats that may present themselves over the lifetime of your business.

In addition to over 100 years of collective experience, all Chesley Brown officers and directors are supported by cutting-edge technology to assist in making their recommendations timely and effective.

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Clients that rely on Chesley Brown Security Consulting and Management services often request additional services including:

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