Helping you navigate unseen risk.

Every day millions of businesses fall victim to corporate crimes and insider threats. When that happens it often requires an elite team of dedicated professionals with the skills and resources to navigate such delicate and complicated matters. 

Enterprise Corporate Investigation Services

Chesley Brown's Corporate Investigative services group is composed of former FBI, law enforcement, business, and legal experts. Whether you or your representatives require a discreet internal investigation involving employees, intellectual property (IP), thefts, forgery, embezzlement, computer forensics, forensic accounting, or litigation support it is crucial that you have the right experts available. Corporate investigation services can start with a simple inquiry and quickly turn into something much more in-depth and complicated. Chesley Brown has the capabilities and expertise to handle a wide variety of investigations wherever they lead.


Unfortunately, there are so many ways for an adversary or a dishonest employee to steal resources or intellectual property from your company. Gone are the days of calling someone with a general Private Investigator (PI) license to address your concerns. Today's corporate investigations are far more sophisticated and require subject matter expertise. This requires the ability of a firm that has the network and intelligence to provide a client with not only information, but a variety of services to manage and guide the investigation through resolution.


With over 30 years of expertise, Chesley Brown can:

  • Serve as your single source to meet a wide range of corporate investigations services
  • Provide you access to our industry-leading subject matter experts
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities for your organization
  • Our investigators work hand in glove with our consulting division to assure the proper execution and outcome.

Meet the Experts

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Expert Risk Analysis

By working directly with your stakeholders, law enforcement, cybersecurity professionals and industry experts our risk analysis team can determine the likelihood of any particular threat, prioritize action plans, recommend appropriate security measures and implement the perfect security strategy for your unique situation. Data and facts should be your be your main source of truth when implementing or improving new security systems or frameworks, that's why we've made it so easy to get started. Here's how:

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Schedule a Strategy Call

Our first job is to gather as much information as possible about your organization's unique challenges and concerns.


Create a plan

After studying the problem, our team of experts will get to work crafting a bespoke strategy that protects all aspects of your business, and enables continued growth.


Let’s execute that plan together

We’ll work directly with you and your stakeholders to implement and manage your new strategy, helping you navigate any pitfalls along the way.

What are you waiting for?

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Why Clients Choose Chesley Brown

Chesley Brown is an industry leader in providing Security Risk Management and Corporate investigation services. Importantly, only Chesley Brown has the capabilities to offer:


  • A Single Point of Contact – we make your job easier via streamlined coordination and reporting
  • Our Global Resources – allowing us to provide consistently reliable security management services at any or all of your locations around the world
  • Agility – our range of service options allows us to act quickly and decisively to address any issues or threats that may present themselves over the lifetime of your business.


In addition to over 100 years of collective experience, all Chesley Brown officers and directors are supported by cutting-edge technology to assist in making their recommendations timely and effective. To learn more about each of our Corporate Investigative Services click the button below and let's make a plan.

F-348-G SAFETY Act DTE Mark

Safety Act Certification

2021 Department of Homeland Security's SAFETY Act designation for counter-terrorism training.


Freedom Award

The highest recognition given to employers for support of employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve.


Public Safety Award

Georgia state award for excellence in Public Safety given for our S.A.M. program.


Community Service Excellence

Recipient of the 2006 Excellence in Community Service Awards given by Georgia Trend Magazine.


Our company's proprietary information was leaking from an unknown source resulting in stock price manipulation. Leadership had no idea where the leak was coming from which caused a lot of fear. Chesley Brown was the only company able to rapidly respond and give our case the one-on-one attention we needed. Within a few days they were on the ground gathering information. With the The Chesley Brown Group's help we were able to close the leak and make wholesale changes to the way we protect our assets and leadership has a lot more confidence in our company's future.

Sam K.

CEO Pharmaceutical Company, New York

Finding the truth is easier than ever. Now our team can focus on activities that yield the most value to our clients. I know that if we ask them, Chesley Brown will find all the facts. That’s powerful.

Martin P.

Corporate Law Firm Atlanta, GA

"We no longer have to wait weeks to vet new business opportunities. With a quick call I can get all the information I need to confidently pursue our company’s goals!"

John W.

CEO of Medical Device Manufacturing Company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our corporate partners often have lots of questions. We have gathered the most common ones together with responses directly from our team of experts. If you have ever wondered whether your company or organization needs a corporate investigation services, this will hopefully help you find the answers you need.

Corporate investigators can uncover facts about any specific problems your company has through interviews, interrogation, and data analysis; identify facts and corroborate complaints within a written report with the facts surrounding the situation, equip you with options to deal with the offending employees, or bad actors and provide guidance on how to improve business operations to avoid recurrence.

Personal problems of employees such as substance abuse or gambling, inner-office relationships, complaints of racism or sexual harassment, intellectual property theft, disruptive divorce proceedings, moonlighting, criminal charges, conflicts of interest, personal use of corporate resources, excessive sick time, workman's comp or fraud are generally the most common issues we see.

Conducting effective witness interviews can be one of the most demanding steps in an internal corporate investigation. At Chesley Brown we rely on the investigative experience of our prosecutors and former federal agents to develop investigative strategies based on the specific facts and circumstances involved in each investigation we handle.

If an internal investigation of the company shows evidence of employee misconduct, generally this means that several actions will be taken immediately. Depending on the specific misconduct in question, this could include any combination of the following:

  • Update company policies and procedures
  • Taking corrective action internally
  • The discipline of the employee (or employees) involved
  • Self-disclosing the issue to the appropriate federal authorities.

How a company deals with federal regulators requires a measured, strategic, and forward-thinking approach. If the wrongdoing triggers an obligated self-disclosure, federal authorities are already investigating your company's business or registration practices, or there's a chance that a federal investigation can happen soon, the risk management team of the company will need to make informed decisions and engage an external adviser to chart a course of action that mitigates the risk of civil or criminal penalties or reduces exposure.

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