About Chesley Brown Companies

At Chesley Brown, we are more than just a security firm; we are your trusted partner in risk management. With a legacy spanning over 500 years, our unparalleled industry knowledge and dedication to excellence have solidified our reputation as the gold standard in professional security.



Once the decision was made to renovate the entire property's electric security system, Chesley Brown began developing specifications and identifying prospective bidders. After this was accomplished, Chesley Brown was with us to manage the bid process, award the bid and oversee the installation of the new system.

General Manager
Office Complex, Georgia

This company is simply the best. I cannot understate how impressed I am with this team. Their ability to tailor solutions to our unique needs, optimize our security budget, and provide ongoing support has been nothing short of outstanding.

Senior Property Manager
Class A Office Tower - Downtown KCMO

Our unique property required a firm that could customize a security management program that addressed our property's individuality. Chesley Brown was the only firm that had the flexibility and experience to make it happen.

General Manager
Regional Shopping City, Missouri

Ensuring Safety and Security Since 1990

For more than 3 decades, Chesley Brown® has worked on projects in more than thirty (30) states and three (3) countries. Our foundation of security consulting and auditing includes projects that are unique and complex.

Industries We Serve
  • Class A Office Buildings
  • Professional Sports Complexes
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Mixed-use Developments
  • Community Improvement Districts
  • Residential Complexes
  • Museums
  • Not-for-profit Foundations
  • Churches / Houses of Worship
  • Educational institutions


Because of this background, we have the capability to provide a comprehensive and dynamic security services that meets the specific needs of your unique facility.

Our Promise:

  1. To listen and effectively respond to the people and communities we serve.
  2. Strive to hold ourselves and each other accountable.
  3. Demonstrate integrity, dignity and empathy in everything we do.
  4. To make a positive impact on the communities we serve.
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Why Choose Chesley Brown

Chesley Brown Companies is a security risk management, consulting, and investigative firm that provides a range of services to help organizations protect their assets, employees, and brand. Some of the most common reasons companies hire us include:

  • Expertise in Security Risk Management

    We specialize in assessing and managing security risks. Our experts can provide valuable insights and strategies to mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities before they become a serious crisis; helping companies protect their people and assets along the way.

  • Bespoke Security Solutions

    We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client. Security is not one-size-fits-all, so each security program we manage is tailored to the needs of our clients. This customization ensures that security measures align with the organization's culture, risk profile and objectives.

  • Global Reach

    For companies with international operations or global concerns, Chesley Brown International offers services on a worldwide scale. Our global presence allows us to address security risks across different regions, industries, and cultures.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

    Many industries face stringent security and compliance requirements. Chesley Brown can help companies navigate complex regulatory environments and ensure they meet all necessary standards.

  • Crisis Mangement and Response

    In the event of a security crisis or emergency, our experts will assist with crisis management and response. This includes developing response plans, conducting drills, and providing support during and after a crisis.

  • Risk Assessment and Analysis

    We conduct thorough risk assessments and cutting-edge analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities, threats, and areas for improvement in an organization's security infrastructure. 

  • Brand Protection

    Professional security helps protect a company's reputation by implementing security measures that prevent security incidents and crises that could harm the brand's image. Security has even proven to increase property values over time by reducing petty crime, vandalism, and theft. 

  • True Security Budget Management

    Elevate your security without breaking the bank. We specialize in optimizing your security budget to ensure your organization is well-protected while keeping costs in check. Our expert guidance helps you achieve the perfect balance between robust security and budget efficiency, providing you with peace of mind and financial stability.

  • Employee Training

    We're committed to elevating your organization's safety and preparedness. With a team of seasoned professional educators on staff, we provide tailored security training that's second to none. We offer classes like Security Awareness, Active Shooter, Crisis Management, De-escalation, Fire and Life Safety, Stop the Bleed, and First Aid and CPR.

  • Peace of Mind

    Hiring a professional security risk management firm like Chesley Brown International can provide peace of mind to company leadership, stakeholders, and tenants knowing that experts are overseeing the security of the property.

A Legacy 500 Years in the Making

Chesley Brown traces its roots to 1500s when ancestors of Brent Brown, William Garrard and John Garrard, became among the first “High Sheriffs” of London. They were each later made the Lord Mayor of London (1555 and 1601). When Chesley Brown was founded in the early 1990s by CEO Brent Brown, it was with this legacy in mind. Throughout its rich history, Chesley Brown has developed a reputation as a true leader in the security industry, even pioneering the modern approach to security management. Our commitment to our clients has allowed us to remain the industry leader in developing innovative security and management solutions for national and international organizations.

Our Expertise



Brent C. Brown CPP

Chairman and CEO

Brent C. Brown has an extensive background in law enforcement and security. He was a police officer in the metropolitan Atlanta area holding positions with duties ranging from uniform patrol to “Acting Chief”. He also established a security consulting business handling security-related concerns for retail, office complexes, warehouses, and hotels. In 1990, he entered the private security industry with the formation of Chesley Brown Associates, Inc., handling numerous high-profile security projects across the country. He served as a security expert for both local and international media regarding the Olympic Park bombing during the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Due to his expertise with terrorist incidents and security concerns, he is frequently called upon to speak at Civic Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Security Schools, and other large business organizations.


Kim Meador

Kim Meador

President & COO

Josh Noland - Vice President of West

Josh Noland

Vice President – Western


Max Briggs

Vice President – Central
Bryan Taylor - Vice President of Eastern

Bryan Taylor

Vice President – Eastern
Archie Dinwiddie - Corporate Director of Compliance and Risk Management

Archie Dinwiddie

Vice President Risk Mgt., Training & Compliance
Nick Freeman - Corporate Director of Digital Strategy

Nick Freeman

Corporate Director of Digital Strategy

Sheron Sikorski

Corporate Controller

Kathina Williams

Human Resources Manager
Dell Spry - Managing Director of Corporate Investigations

Dell Spry

Vice President Emeritus
Jack Barsky - Corporate Espionage Expert

Jack Barsky

Corporate Espionage Expert
Isabella Mazza - Business Development Analyst

Isabella Mazza

Business Development Analyst
Ed Gallerin

Ed Gallrein

Senior Consultant

Your Security, Our Priority

When you partner with Chesley Brown Companies, you're not just hiring a security firm – you're joining a global community of businesses who have entrusted us with their safety. We take your security as seriously as you do, and it's this commitment that has made us the world's leading security risk management firm.


Thank you for choosing Chesley Brown to safeguard your future. Discover how we can protect what matters most to you. Contact us today.