Armed Security Officers

Chesley Brown believes in doing everything possible to deter criminal activity before it starts instead of just reacting to it.

Armed Security Officer Protecting School

Our armed security officers participate in some of the most rigorous training and certification requirements in the United States. They are attentive, alert, and, perhaps most importantly, visible. The presence of a Chesley Brown security officer and vehicle on your property is one of the most effective tools in discouraging criminal activity.

Securing commercial real estate and corporate facilities is a responsibility that becomes more complex and demanding every day. Whether your property is considered a high value trophy project, you have high value assets (including senior executives), you handle sensitive materials, or you simply desire the added peace of mind having armed officers on property provides, Chesley Brown will listen to your concerns and objectives to design a customized security program at a competitive cost.

Our armed officers are carefully selected and must pass a background investigation and demonstrate sound judgement as part of the pre-employment screening process. Many of our armed officers come with a military and/or law enforcement background. Chesley Brown® armed officers meet all state and local licensing, certification and training requirements, including continuous weapons qualifications.

Additional Security Consulting Capabilities

Clients that rely on Chesley Brown Security Consulting and Management services often request additional services including:

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