Value Added Programs

Security is about saving lives and protecting property. Beyond building and maintaining some of the most prestigious security programs on the planet, we work directly with you and the local community to create effective emergency and disaster plans.


How would you handle a natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane or flood? Or an active shooter? Our value added plans help you prepare for the worst and help keep your business afloat.


The Security Advisory Messenger is an award-winning program designed by Chesley Brown in response to our clients’ need to disseminate security-related information quickly and efficiently. With S.A.M., time sensitive information can be shared with everyone you choose within a matter of minutes. Whether the information involves closing a facility due to inclement weather or an emergency affecting your facility, vital information is distributed quickly and efficiently.

Special Response Team
In the event of an emergency, critical incident or special event, Chesley Brown’s Special Response Team is available to assist your staff in handling the situation. These specially trained officers and senior team members are prepared for all emergency and critical situations, and they can be dispatched at a moment’s notice.

The F.L.I.E.R.S. are specially trained and qualified members of the Chesley Brown® uniform division. Recognized by the prestigious wings worn on their uniforms, they provide training and transitioning of officers at new properties and conduct ONSITE assessments of Chesley Brown® properties throughout the year. These highly motivated officers are also called into situations where their expertise is required to handle crisis situations, provide special assistance or conduct additional training.

Chesley Brown ONSITE
With our background and foundation as consultants, we felt it was equally important to audit ourselves through routine checkups. These audits are conducted via Chesley Brown’s exclusive ONSITE program. Our background in security consulting allows us to take a step back from our operations and provide a self-critical assessment. To document this activity, we have created an internal measurement tool by which each property is graded. Chesley Brown ONSITE auditors are members of the leadership team, FLIERS, non-chain of command directors, members of the corporate compliance team, or other individuals as directed by the CEO, COO, VP of Operations or Corporate Director of Training, Risk and Compliance.

Law Enforcement and Press Liaison
Chesley Brown routinely interacts with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. In short, we speak the same language. Developing a close working relationship with law enforcement can prove invaluable to the security of your property. It’s often said that during a critical incident is not the time to be exchanging business cards. Chesley Brown nurtures a vast network of law enforcement relationships at all levels. We routinely share information and intelligence with local police, FBI, Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, or State Department. We co-train, sit in on briefings, and routinely conduct table-top exercises with our valued LEO partners. As part of our program, Chesley Brown will work to develop this relationship, as well as handle all the administrative functions related to the employment of off-duty police officers at your property.

Tenant Awareness & Education Programs
Helping your tenants and customers remain safe is our top priority. We offer classes and routine reminders on how to better protect themselves, including topics such as shoplifting, counterfeit bills, parking lot safety, Lock Take Hide program, active shooter, natural disasters, suspicious activity, and a wide variety of other topics.

Additional Security Consulting Capabilities

Clients that rely on Chesley Brown Security Consulting and Management services often request additional services including:

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