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Security, COVID-19, and Boots on the Ground


There can be no argument that technology has infiltrated virtually every aspect of daily life for the vast majority of people and businesses across the world. Technology is woven into the social fabric of everyday life. It monitors our movements, our interests, our purchasing power, our locations, habits, our risk to insurers, our body chemistry, and health. Our images are captured overtly and unknowingly 1000’s of times daily. It captures the best of us in amazing acts of heroism and human interaction, and it captures the worst of us; for accountability and delivery of justice.

And despite what can be argued as both overreach and invasive, while also being viewed by many as absolutely essential and a no-brainer. The deployment of technology for securing facilities and properties may now have reached an irreversible and undeniable level of necessity due to a likely and previously unforeseen reason. When an asset, literally within minutes or hours, becomes inaccessible or prohibitively accessible or manageable by human interfaces.

Enter COVID-19.

The Current Realities

As of this writing, worldwide there have been 134,183 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There are currently 60,320 active cases and regrettably, 4,965 individuals have succumbed to the fast-spreading virus, while thankfully, 68,898 people have fully recovered from their associated virus  illnesses.

And while debate continues on the COVID-19 comparables with more common illnesses such as the flu and past epidemics, there can be no doubt that the current COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to challenge many aspects of daily life and daily business. That includes how assets will be managed and secured as reports of exposures rise both within diversely-populated public infrastructure and private facilities.

Many property owners and management companies have begun changing their approach to maintaining and cleaning properties. Additional staffing, cleaning chemicals, and sanitizers are being deployed. Some government entities are even developing and supplying their own hand sanitizers for use by emergency responders, healthcare workers, and other key personnel in the face of widespread shortages.

Questions are coming forth on other operational concerns with those that service buildings and assets. From engineering to maintenance, to repair vendors and particularly with security providers, as to what their availability and response will be in the face of reported or potential exposure to COVID-19 and available staff to maintain operations and security of assets.

Securing a New World: Security, COVID-19, and Boots on the Ground