Chesley Brown Announces New Special Operations Unit

to Combat the Global Rise in Corporate Espionage

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Chesley Brown Announces New Special Operations Unit to Combat the Global Rise in Corporate Espionage

Atlanta, GA: The security experts at Chesley Brown International have announced the formation of a new elite special operations unit, headed by former FBI special agent Marvin O. “Dell” Spry. This new elite counterespionage team combines the unparalleled operational capability of Chesley Brown International with the investigative prowess of the FBI to provide comprehensive protection and risk management services. This new capability offers a way for companies to safeguard their intellectual property against the growing business of trade secret theft.

“Corporate espionage affects companies of all sizes, and it's becoming more prevalent globally. Chesley Brown's clients have always been able to depend on us to handle whatever keeps them up at night. With the addition of Dell Spry, the FBI’s lead investigator in the Aldrich Ames CIA Spy case, we are excited to expand our abilities to assist our clients with pinpoint precision." - Brent C. Brown, Chairman, and CEO

“Unlike in Hollywood, it doesn’t take super spies or double agents to combat these crimes. Instead, well thought out procedures, implementation of best practices, education of employees, and regular reviews are key to mitigating and/or eliminating the loss of trade secrets.“ -  Kim Meador, Executive Vice President and COO

This new team will help companies:

  • Retain their competitive edge and market share
  • Eliminate the loss of proprietary information
  • Restore their sense of security

To commemorate this new service Chesley Brown has released a new white paper on the subject titled “The Global Business of Corporate Espionage” which can be downloaded at

About Chesley Brown International: In addition to offering corporate investigation and counterintelligence services, Chesley Brown provides security management and consulting/risk management services for organizations worldwide. For nearly three decades, Chesley Brown has provided clients in more than thirty (30) states and (3) countries, comprehensive, effective, cost-efficient, real-world solutions to their unique and complex problems. From closely held to fortune 500 companies, Class A offices, large venues, corporate headquarters, mixed-use development, or residential complexes, Chesley Brown can provide dynamic security resolutions to meet the specific needs of your company.

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