Chesley Brown Launches New Initiative

to Fight Human Trafficking

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From The Chesley Brown Group

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Chesley Brown, the security management experts, announced today a new training initiative to provide support to victims, families, and providers who serve those affected by human trafficking. The initiative features a revolutionary 3-day workshop designed to help organizations break down barriers, locate and advocate for victims, and deter demand. With nearly 800,000 humans bought and sold each year, this growing epidemic is affecting communities of all sizes.

The initiative is part of the Chesley Brown Skills Development program, which provides industry-leading, practical training resources for both public and private organizations on a range of topics, including tough issues like active shooter training and corporate counterespionage. The three-day workshop, announced today, will foster better collaboration between organizations and agencies on the front lines and aims to provide better resources and guidance in the fight against human trafficking. This workshop will provide simple, approachable tools to help identify and protect victims while holding predators accountable.

The United States is the fastest-growing market for trafficking. Today, predators lure over 300,000 U.S. children annually into the commercial sex trade. In response to the growing need for resources to serve victims, Chesley Brown has partnered with national experts on human trafficking, and child exploitation and has developed materials with both public and private agencies. These new resources include proven strategies to bolster relationships between caring adults and victims and mitigate the effects of traumatic experiences.

“This is no longer a matter of ‘if,’ this will affect you,” said Dell Spry, Former FBI Special Agent and Managing Director at Chesley Brown. “It is a matter of ‘when.’ We want to let everyone know that there is something they can do about this epidemic. Our goal has always been to equip our partners with the skills necessary to tackle any challenge. We all have the enormous job of building and rebuilding family structures, providing victims with a sense of safety, not to mention reversing the appallingly low number of convictions. By giving agencies and organizations on the front lines the tools they need—with help from local and state officials—we can protect victims, hold predators accountable, and reverse the damage human trafficking is already causing our communities.”

In honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Month Chesley Brown’s Chairman and CEO, Brent Brown and Managing Director Dell Spry will be attending First Lady Marty Kemp’s press conference for the GRACE Commission at the Georgia state capitol Monday, January 13th. “We are proud to have a seat among some of the most influential people in our state,” said Mr. Brown. “This is an issue that we’re positioned to make a real difference on, and we’re honored to be involved.”

To sign up for the workshop, click the button below and reserve a seat. Live Workshop Attendance is extremely limited.

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