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Podcast | Risk Takers Series #9. Joe Sheram – The Turnaround Guru

Brent sits down with corporate turnaround expert Joe Sheram to discuss financial risk, corporate theft, the importance of cash, and some of the biggest challenges businesses face when navigating a crisis from a financial perspective. Joe has helped countless organizations restructure, and strategize their way through some of the most complex and serious issues a…

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What is Business Continuity?

Business COntinuity Plan Illustration

Before completely rewriting your Business Continuity Plan, it helps to understand the fundamentals of business continuity. I put together the following FAQ to give you a better understanding of the underlying information and provide a little more context, and hopefully answer some of your lingering questions. Business Continuity FAQ Contact us today to discuss how…

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Podcast | Risk Takers Series #07 Jack Barsky – Former KGB Spy

As part of our on going conversation around corporate espionage, we decided to sit down with a real KGB spy for some insider knowledge. In this week’s episode, Brent sits down with author and former KGB spy Jack Barsky to discuss the growing threat of corporate espionage, how bad actors can access a company’s most…

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Podcast | Risk Takers Series #06. Human Trafficking with Bazzel Baz

Human trafficking touches nearly every city, county, state and locality in America. Yet law enforcement remains critically under prepared to handle this insidious business. Bazzel Baz, star of NBC’s hit show The Blacklist, and real life CIA super spy is often refereed to as the patron saint of missing children. In this week’s episode Baz…

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Podcast | Risk Takers Series #05 Corporate Counterespionage

Its not always the stuff of cold war spy novels but corporate or economic espionage continues to affect businesses all over the world both large and small at an exponential rate. It seems like there’s a new breach every time you turn on the news. The difference is the biggest companies have the resources and…

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Podcast | Risk Takers Series #04 Brad Orsini – Community-based Security

Visiting our places of worship shouldn’t be dangerous. Unfortunately, faith-based organizations are facing the difficult challenge of how to protect their congregations from religion-motivated violence, and still maintain the welcoming, open environment community members expect. In this week’s episode Brent calls up Bradley Orsini, the Senior National Security Advisor of the Secure Community Network, the…

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