The Risk Takers Podcast Series. Let's learn something about managing risk!

If you're frustrated because it seems like all your time goes to putting out fires, the Risk Takers Podcast Series will help. This podcast is for business leaders looking for a sober, in-depth analysis of the myriad risks facing businesses today and explores practical solutions for overcoming those challenges. Brent and the Chesley Brown team are the world's leading experts on Security Risk Management. Get back to doing what matters most: running your company.

Recent Episodes


Podcast | Risk Takers Series #1 The Aldrich Ames Espionage Case
Dell Spry, a former FBI investigator and counterespionage expert, sits down to discuss the biggest case of insider theft in U.S. History: The Aldrich Ames Case. Hear how he, along with the help of the CIA, and the fellow FBI agents used their cunning, hard work, and old fashioned investigative work to capture and convict…
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Podcast | Risk Takers Series #2 Terry Fisher — Electronic Countermeasures
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what it is about your business that is truly valuable? When you really think about it, any business with a product or service has something a competitor or adversary could use. And if you’re being honest, you probably haven’t fully considered all the ways they might get their…
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Podcast | Risk Takers Series #3 Surveillance Detection Routes (SDR)
Have you ever had a gut feeling you were being followed? You might not be so crazy after all. It’s a frightening thought. You’ve spent years building your business, but all it takes is one bad day to compromise that dream. In this week’s episode Brent sits down with FBI Special Agent (Ret.) Dell Spry…
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