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Learn How to Transform Your Risk Managment Strategy

We know you strive to be the type leader your clients and employees can depend on. In order to do that, you need to know what risks and opportunities lie ahead. The problem is you spend so much time fighting fires, or dealing with headaches that you’re unable to focus on what really matters most -- growing your business. We believe you shouldn’t have to take time away from running your business to protect it. We understand what a crisis can do to your company's reputation and financial objectives. Chesley Brown helps organizations anticipate and navigate risk before it becomes a crisis.


Once the decision was made to renovate the entire property's electric security system, Chesley Brown began developing specifications and identifying prospective bidders. After this was accomplished, Chesley Brown was with us to manage the bid process, award the bid and oversee the installation of the new system.

General Manager

Office Complex, Georgia

Our unique property required a firm that tould customize a security management program that addressed our property's individuality. Chesley Brown was the only firm that had the flexibility and experience to make it happen.

General Manager

Regional Shopping City, Missouri