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risk-takers #08. The State of Security – SPECIAL EPISODE

2020 has been a year full of change. In this week’s special episode Brent sits down with Vice Presidents Bryan Taylor, Josh Noland and Max Briggs for a lively discussion on the current state of security. The team discusses current trends affecting business owners, law enforcement, and employees and what to expect in the future. They also discuss how companies can help employees adjusting to the new norm. This is an enlightening conversation, where you’re sure to learn something new.

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What is Business Continuity?

Business COntinuity Plan Illustration

Before completely rewriting your Business Continuity Plan, it helps to understand the fundamentals of business continuity. I put together the following FAQ to give you a better understanding of the underlying information and provide a little more context, and hopefully answer some of your lingering questions. Business Continuity FAQ What is a Business Continuity Plan?…

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