Electronic Guarding

More than a decade ago, Chesley Brown blazed the trail in electronic guarding (e-guarding). This state of the art electronic security solution enables officers to   identify and respond to potential security issues in real-time via their existing CCTV system anywhere in the world.

Chesley Brown Officer Investigates Criminal Activity Using a Computer

The correct tactical tools are critical to any successful security operation. We often refer to this as Blending Boots and Technology. Drawing on our knowledge and research gained in the UK, we developed our strategically located command center network.

With a staff of highly-trained security professionals, Chesley Brown® offers cost-effective remote site monitoring through Chesley Brown’s exclusive InCommand Worldwide platform. Using your existing CCTV cameras or assisting you with new security integration, we use video analytics and an advanced notification system to quickly identify suspicious activity, allowing officers to respond to events as they occur rather than reviewing video surveillance footage after a loss. Any electronic security system worldwide can use our InCommand platform. This not only improves security, but oftentimes is the most cost-effective solution, dramatically reducing your security budget by replacing some, if not all, on-site security officers.

Additional Security Services

Clients that rely on Chesley Brown Security Consulting and Management services often request additional services including:

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