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If you're frustrated because it seems like all your time goes to putting out fires, the Risk Takers Podcast Series will help. This podcast is for business leaders looking for a sober, in-depth look at the myriad risks facing businesses today and explores practical solutions for overcoming those challenges. Brent and the Chesley Brown team are the world's leading experts on Security Risk Management. Get back to doing what matters most: running your company.

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5 Tips for Creating Better Crisis Management Plans

5 Tips for Managing a Crisis The Anatomy of a Crisis Like a lot of people, you may be wondering what comes next for your business or organization following the Coronavirus outbreak (or any other crisis for that matter). Well, you’ve come to the right place. The Coronavirus outbreak has created a renewed focus on…
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6 new business risks crom Coronavirus

6 New Risks for Businesses post COVID-19

Coronavirus: 6 New Business Risks Your risk management strategy can and should play an important role in managing your business’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. By implementing the right risk management strategies for coronavirus, your company can reduce your exposure to the risks presented by this and future crises. I want to discuss some of…
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Graphic of two people Looking at charts and graphs representing a risk assessment

Risk Assessments for a Pandemic

Risk Assessments for Coronavirus In earlier sections, we discussed the need for a risk-based approach and outlined 6 New Business Risks to consider when preparing your business for coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic and recession will affect every business, but to what extent will vary based on industry, geography, company size and a myriad of other…
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Two people riding a moving sidewalk into a bright white void to represent transformation

The Future of Work

The Future of Work: Protecting Trade Secrets Written by: Dell Spry Many businesses, both large and small, are desperately seeking ways to keep their companies operational  with all of  the closures and uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 virus crashing in on them. Hopefully, most have an established continuity of business plan to guide them through…
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Budgeting for Risk: How Much Should I Spend on Security?

7 Tips the Pros Won’t Tell You About Budgeting For Risk How Much Should I Spend On Security? Every business must create its own process for identifying, testing, and budgeting for risk. We studied the data and talked to several industry-leading CSOs to find out how they do it. How much should your company spend…
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hand stopping dominos from falling, represent a crisis being prevents or stopped

10 Steps for Building a Crisis Management Communication Strategy

10 Steps for Building a Crisis Management Plan As a public health crisis of worldwide proportions comes into focus, it is imperative for individuals, organizations, and nations to develop effective resilience strategies, including communications and outreach as part of any comprehensive crisis management plan. Chesley Brown has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by making our…
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